Indy Music Player

Why a stand-alone player?

Player View The Indy Music player is a stand-alone, high-function music player available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The purpose of the player is to provide fans with a dedicated player to play music purchased from indie musicians who use our e-commerce software on their web sites. It is delivered free when fans buy downloads from indie musicians running IM e-commerce software to power their web stores.

For Apple iPhone and iPad users the reason is compelling: Apple runs a closed ecosystem, and it is very difficult to get music files purchased outside of iTunes or Apple Music onto your mobile devices. On top of that, the iTunes player won't play most of it by design! The solution: a stand-alone player app. In the Android environment, the Indy Music app indexes all music on an Android device and becomes a single music manager/player for everything. So, it make sense to use the app—and having a stand-alone full featured player is cool too.

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Wi-Fi Transfer Utility

Wi-Fi Transfer Utility In both iOS and Android environments, the app has two parts. The first runs out of sight, and that is the Indy Music Manager--the utility that manages music file downloads after purchase to save them in the right folder structure and makes them available to play. The second part of the app is the music player itself, and within the player is a Wi-Fi utility to transfer music from the library on your computer to your mobile device.

For Apple users this has always been a big challenge, since it requires synching through iTunes and you frequently run into problems with music files that don’t meet Apple’s DRM (digital rights management) requirements, etc. For Android users this is a real convenience. For both systems, just open the browser on your computer, type in the URL displayed in the Indy Music player, and start transferring files. Now you have a utility to manage the music you’ve paid for on your mobile device.

How-to Videos

Watch our short how-to videos to get the most of the Indy Music Player

IM Player Video Getting Started

IM Player Video Wi-Fi Utility

Managing Playlists

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