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Are You Keeping up?

In today's music industry, its not just technology that's changing fast, your fan's expectations are changing just as fast! Are you keeping up?

Did you know during the 2017 holiday season:

  • 80% of US adults shopped on line?
  • 70% of US adults purchased on line
  • By 2021 the majority of US adults will buy on line
  • In the next year over 50% of these will be on mobile devices
  • Within three years over 75% will be on mobile devices

So, that says a few things about positioning for success:

  • You need a cool web site with good branding
  • Your web site needs to be 100% mobile compatible
  • You need an integrated and fully functional web store
  • You need to be able to sell physical and digital product
  • For downloads, that means automatic delivery: no ZIP files

When you think about how to do this, think Indy Music because:

  • We built our e-commerce technology all from the fans perspective.
  • We offer integrated hosting and e-commerce-single look and feel.
  • Our e-commerce offering sells CDs and merch as well as downloads
  • We deliver those downloads with platform-specific apps.
  • On mobile platforms that means delivery with the free Indy Music App.

Check out why the fan approach will mean a big difference for you.

Our mantra is: e-commerce by musicians, for musicians.